Treat Dad for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we have a unique and delicious selection of dad approved gifts. His favorite beer will go great with our Beer Pretzel Nuggets. We take pretzel bits and caramelize them in a crispy coating that’s infused with dark beer.

Or maybe Dad would prefer something chewy. If so, he would love a box of our Beer Infused Caramels. We slowly cook our special caramel recipe and infuse it with beer that’s locally brewed at the Port Huron Brewery in Wisconsin Dells for just the right balance between sweet and malty.

Beer Pretzel Nuggest.Main470.     beer infused caramels

If his preference is salty and sweet, then he must have a box of our Chocolate Dipped Bacon or a bag of Bacon Caramel Corn.

Chocolate Bacon main 470.336     bacon_c-corn_crop_476.336

Our newest creation is Salted Beer Caramel Corn. We combine our signature Caramel Corn recipe with stout beer and top it off with a light sprinkling of sea salt. Or you can always get him another tie… but this year, make it a Chocolate Neck Tie instead!

SF salted beer caramel corn     chocolate_neck_ties.470.336


St. Patrick’s Day Specials

March 17th has been observed as the saint’s religious feast-day for more than 1,000 years! Be a wee bit Irish this St. Patrick’s Day, but go beyond simply wearing green and giving a pinch to those who don’t. Celebrate the rich Irish culture, history, and customs with a few of our festive recipes.

One of our favorite things to do at Wisconsin Dairyland Fudge is come up with unique and different treats for holiday gift giving and we’ve done it again for St. Paddy’s Day. Our kitchen has been full of the aromas of chocolate, mint, cinnamon, and vanilla as we’ve been busy cooking up treats to celebrate this year.


Since fudge is our specialty and what started it all here at Wisconsin Dairyland Fudge, we’ve concocted a “magically delicious” Luck of the Irish Fudge to spread the holiday spirit!

Irish Potatoes 400.391

Irish “Potatoes”, a century old tradition, are the perfect treat for a St. Paddy’s Day party. These yummy confections start off with a fresh coconut butter cream center which are hand formed into cute potato shapes and dusted in cinnamon.

Speaking of traditions, did you know corned been wasn’t even associated with the saint’s feast-day until the turn of the century? According to, Irish immigrants substituted corned beef for their traditional meal of boiled bacon to save money.

Chocolate Bacon main 470.336    Bacon Caramel Corn Main.1

Cabbage is not the only thing bacon makes taste better. The sweetness of our signature chocolate blend and caramel corn recipes is a perfect match for the smoked bacon’s saltiness. As luck would have it Chocolate Dipped Bacon and Bacon Caramel Corn will also go great with your favorite green beer.

beer infused caramels

Maybe you crave salty and sweet, but desire a creamy treat that will melt in your mouth, with a touch of beer. Beer Infused Caramels are made with a locally brewed ale for just the right balance between sweet and malty.

Remember, these seasonal treats are available for a limited time only! Most importantly, “May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, may good luck pursue you each morning and night,”