Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Delicious Desserts for Diabetics

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Why Desserts for Diabetics Make Great Gifts

If someone on your gift giving list is watching what they eat or has issues with blood sugar yet has a penchant for sweets, you may be hesitant to present them with traditional confections. But you can still brighten their Valentine’s Day by sending them treats! At Wisconsin Dairyland Fudge, we understand that an occasional splurge is good for the soul & have developed desserts for those on restricted diets that are indistinguishable in taste from their sugar-laden counterparts. Here are a few of our favorites. 

1. Sugar Free, Low Carb Assorted Chocolates  – This assortment (pictured above) of our finest chocolates makes an excellent addition to the dessert table, as well as a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate high quality homemade sweets & need to keep blood sugar levels in mind. 

2. Sugar Free, Low Carb Plain Chocolate Fudge & Chocolate Nut Fudge – Conquer your chocolate craving without sacrificing your dieting needs. These creamy fudge varieties are additionally low in sodium & superb choices for guilt free snacking & after dinner treats. Nut fudge has the same delicious flavor as our plain chocolate, only walnuts have been added for more texture and crunch. 

3. Sugar Free Salt Water Taffy – These chewy morsels of assorted taffy flavors offer a sugarless option to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Wisconsin Dairyland Fudge offers several other sugar free options in-store as well for those who don’t want to cut sweets out of their diets completely. The Dairyland Fudge family has been crafting fine candy out of the purest, freshest ingredients available since 1962, ensuring that customers are getting generations of experience in each delicious bite. 


Calling all wine lovers!

The Fall Wine Walk will be held Friday, September 26 from 4-9 pm. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 the day of the event. With the purchase of a ticket, participants receive a commemorative wine glass to use for the event and a punch card/map to use as a guide for participating businesses.

Over 20 Downtown Dells businesses will be participating, allowing attendees to easily explore and enjoy all that Downtown Dells has to offer. Any profits made from the event will go to benefit the Knights of Columbus Wisconsin Dells Chapter. The Knights of Columbus support charitable events and causes around the area.

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More specifically, here’s what we have in store for the Fall Wine Walk this year:


Wollersheim Prairie Fume is a crisp semi-dry white wine bursting with citrus and tropical fruit aromas reminiscent of orange and grapefruit with a hint of sweetness.

Anakena Carmenere is deep red in color. This wine is made in a ripe style of Carmenere, with a nose that offers aromas of red and black fruits, dark chocolate, and Black Forest Cake,  along with spices such as cloves and black pepper. The elegant palate features good integration of fruit and oak from the barrels. The palate is juicy, and the wine has tannins with great acidity leading to a long finish.


We will also be serving hors d’oeuvres to pair with these wines including Chocolate Dipped Grapes. This year we will be dipping a variety called Witches Fingers, an elongated purple grape perfect for the fall!


We will be having a drawing for a chance to win a wine and champagne glass filled with mouthwatering chocolates ($30 value). To enter, participants simply have to “Like” our facebook page. That’s it! If you already follow us, “Share” this blog on your facebook page and then leave a comment below letting us know you did so to be entered. The winner will be announced via facebook on Wednesday, October 1.

Sugar-Free, Low-Carb Candies

Satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard or sacrificing your eating plan. Our homemade Chocolates, Fudge, and Saltwater Taffy are so good it’s hard to believe they are sugar free!

SF Choc. MainConquer your chocolate craving with Sugar-Free Assorted Chocolates. You can hardly tell the difference between these and our regular varieties with sugar.

Sugar Free Plain Milk Choc Fudge MainSugar Free Milk Choc Nut Fudge

For those of you on restricted or low-carb diets, Sugar-Free Low Carb Chocolate Fudge is the next best thing. Nut Fudge has the same delicious flavor as the Plain Sugar-Free Fudge, only English walnuts have been added for more texture and crunch. Both options are also low in sodium.


We have an assortment of Sugar-Free Saltwater Taffy flavors that are pulled to perfection and delicious down to the last chew. The secret to making scrumptious taffy is to pull each recipe just the right amount of time and use the best ingredients available. Each variety is flavored just enough to give you a real taste sensation.

Our sugar free candy is not lower in calories but is made with the sweeteners Sorbitol, Maltitol, and Xylitol. These are absorbed into the blood stream more slowly enabling people on a restricted sugar diet to consume products containing them. Our sugar free candy is not made in production areas where products containing sugar are made so there is no cross contamination. However, we always suggest customers speak with their doctor first.