Create the Perfect Basket for Every-Bunny

Have you ever wondered where in the world the Easter basket tradition came from? In short, the story originated in Germany, where you can still find many old churches with stone carvings and paintings of rabbits in groups of three (representing the Holy Trinity). Over time, the symbol of the hare was changed into the Easter Bunny. In Germany, the Osterhase (aka the Easter Bunny) magically laid eggs which he carried in a basket to deliver to children on Easter morning.


If you’re looking to rival the Easter Bunny when it comes to gifting pastel packages and sweet treats, look no further! This season, we’re meeting all of your Easter needs to keep the tradition going by creating your own custom basket with a variety of gifts, decorations and, of course, candy. Because all good things come in small, sugarcoated packages.


Did you know you can dye eggs with Kool-Aid you already have at the house (click on the picture above to learn how)? And if you like the chalkboard paint trend, you can use it on your Easter eggs for a unique look.


Then, to take your Easter basket personalization to the next level, CLICK HERE for some inspiration from Pinterest. Or you can click on the picture above and use the free printable to decorate the outsides of your baskets. And fill the insides with sweets from our store!

easter egg with scene     Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Easter Fudge main     chocolate marbled easter eggs

From our family to yours, we wish you an egg-stra happy Easter filled with good company, love, and joy!

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